Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Homework and Reminders


-Geography iBook Chapter 3 & 4 .1

-Re-submit Geography iBook ( for people who have been called on by Ms Loh ) 
-Geography Housing Practice WS (Thursday)
-Chapter 3 Housing Slides (Wednesday)

-GIS Group Project (6 February) (More Info on Google Classroom )

-GIS Individual Project (9 February) (More info on Google Classroom ) 
-Learning Journey ( 6 March ) 


-第四课《再见樟宜树》:词语练习 (Wednesday)


-ADMT Video Critique Test (7 February)
-English Pop quiz
-English PT due 10 April
-Photo taking on 6 February

-Level Test 27 February - 2 March

* Geography homework might be a bit confusing, you should ask the IH Rep if you need help understanding it.

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